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LikeJacking: Have you been Jacked on Facebook?

Monday, June 27th, 2011

What is LikeJacking?

LikeJacking is a specific kind of spam virus that appears on Facebook. It is malware that hijacks your “likes”. This is not new technology, it was previously called Clickjacking, but Likejacking refers exclusively to the malicious technique used on Facebook.

A Likejacking worm shows up as a somewhat innocuous, but sensational piece of online content (a video or a link). It often has an over-the-top headline such as: “Girl gets OWNED by Cop who reads her Facebook” or “BOOBS” or even “Dad walks in on daughter…”. When you click to get more information on the enticing phrase, the link takes you to a page outside of Facebook. It will usually look like a blank page that says “CLICK HERE FOR MORE”. Once you click, that page downloads the malware into your Facebook.

The virus essentially tricks you into “liking” this page. Why? So more people click and download the virus. Once you’ve clicked and infected your Facebook, it will show up on your newsfeed and display to your friends the same sensational headline… leading them to click and continue the cycle.

So what happens if you’ve accidentilly downloaded a LikeJacking virus? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to clean your account. But first, some technical stuff for you nerd-types (or feel free to scroll down to get straight to the un-Jacking?techniques).

Where did LikeJacking come from (aka What’s the technical stuff)?

Wikipedia says that the original LikeJacking malware was written by a Black Hat World user with the handle: thefish2010. Black Hat World is an forum about SEO practices that are less than acceptable (using techniques such as spamming, keyword abuse, and generally things we do not condone on this blog). Good SEO is called White Hat, bad is Black. Tactics in the blurry area are often referred to as Gray.

This link you click that creates the false “like” is actually using a hidden iFrame or DIV tag to follow your mouse, which in turn reposts the message on your account. This specific kind of malware is a Troj/IFrame-ET meaning a Trojan which uses IFrames. Trojan malware works just like the original concept of the Trojan horse, it looks safe, so you invite it in, only to lead to disaster.

How do you get un-Jacked?

Fortunately, getting un-Jacked isn’t particularly difficult.

  1. Delete the page from your “Likes and Interests”. You can do this by going to “Edit Profile” on your page, then go to “Show Other Pages” and “Remove Page. Or Edit your “Account” in the top right hand corner. Go to “Edit Friends” then “Pages” and then hit the deletion “X” next to the offending page.
  2. Delete the update saying you like the page from your recent activity on your own feed.
  3. All done!
  4. P. S. Easiest way to avoid this in the future? If an outside websites says >>CLICK HERE<< Don’t do it.

Note: Most of this information was gathered from Sophos, who you should follow on Facebook for up-to-date warnings on malware. Sophos says that Facebook is the MOST AT RISK social network. Check them out, and stay safe on Facebook.

Image by Ksayer1